Use cases

Find the Real Machine that Generates Malicious DNS Traffic

Client IP addresses vary, so they are not suitable for retroactive verification. They should be enriched with constant knowledge about computers and users.

Detect Unblockable Malware Traffic on Your Network

Security Gap Visibility solution is focused on malicious software detection and response, infected device detection, the vulnerability analysis of security assets that exist in the network, and a detailed analysis of the whole network's DNS traffic regardless of its size.

Detect Invisible Malicious Traffic

Approximately 85% of these domains do not have an IP address. Below is an example of a malicious traffic report found in a passive state.

Protecting Roaming Users

Protect users everywhere with advanced remote work security

Rule Based Siem Integration

Save 95+ in DNS Log Processing Costs with Smart SIEM Integration

Defend From Firstly Seen Domains

The network is protected from Zero-Day attacks with DNSSense’s ‘Positive Security Model’.

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