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We are delighted to announce our merger with our global operations’ brand, DNSSense, starting from April 10, 2023.

You can find all the information about Roksit at our new address,

Welcome to the world of DNSSense!

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Roksit Has Discovered a New Type of Malicious Domain that No Secure Vendors Have Detected Yet

Roksit Has Discovered a New Type of Malicious Domain that No Secure Vendors Have Detected Yet

Most probably, you heard about malware. It Happens on all browsers, even with all add-ons disabled. If your machine has been infected with this malware, every time you launch a new web page and select the address bar, you get this malware address supplied "".

Most security vendors detect this website as malicious, and every action related to it can be blocked easily. 

But, every new day, attackers can find a new way.

Roksit has discovered a new attack related to More than 650k Domains.

These 650k malicious domains' features are as follows: When the relevant domains are visited, they redirect to a different address on almost every visit. When a request is made with the head method, the response is status:400 and end.url:

For example, let's look at the address below;

No security vendor has detected this address as a potential threat;

Thanks to our AI native domain classification platform Cyber ​​X-Ray, we can easily detect these malicious domains and protect your business.

Roksit is the easiest way to be secure.

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