Roksit is now DNSSense

Time to start a new chapter!

We are delighted to announce our merger with our global operations’ brand, DNSSense, starting from April 10, 2023.

You can find all the information about Roksit at our new address,

Welcome to the world of DNSSense!

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DNSEye detects malicious traffic on your network, and reports whether this traffic can be blocked by your other security devices.


Protect all your users at DNS level from harmful contents of the Internet with the help of AI-based domain classification.


Cyber X-Ray classifies the domains on the Internet according to their “historical and relational data” with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Easy deployment

Find the infected devices without changing DNS infrastructure

Easy deployment


Easy deployment

Find the infected devices without changing DNS infrastructure

What our clients are saying?

The experiences our customers share about us on G2 will help you get a better idea of Roksit.

"Roksit has greatly improved our efficiency"

Roksit DNSEye has been a major improvement over our security. The team was able to show all the benefits of the product with the POC. Security gap report was the key fact to start using the product as it shows what malicious connections went through from other devices. Integration with other security devices also help us to close these gaps easily.

— Mert E.

Network and Security Manager

"A very professional solution for big teams"

Roksit helped us to get more visibility in our network. Before it was a great challenge to pinpoint an infected device we found from the DNS logs. With Roksit it takes a moment to find the infected machines. SIEM integration also allowed us to analyse DNS traffic with almost no extra EPS. It feels good to know that our DNS traffic is also protected.

— Murat Efe M.

IT Manager

"Great protection and visibility using DNS traffic"

Roksit DNSEye has had a profound impact on my business. It has allowed me to gain greater visibility into my network traffic and detect threats much more quickly. The solution has also helped me make informed security and performance decisions, resulting in a more secure and efficient network. I am extremely grateful for the positive impact that Roksit DNSEye has had on my business.

— Haluk S.

IT Manager

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