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Secure DNS

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Cyber X-Ray

Derin domain araştırması.

Şimdi bir domain araştırması başlatın!
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DNS Visibility

DNS Visibility VM Appliance'ı indirin ve yükleyin

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DNS & Security GAP Visibility

Malicious traffic and infected device detection; in the network by using DNS traffic.

Security Gap report; on existing malicious activities which have managed to pass through other security devices (UTM Firewall, Proxy, DNS Firewall, etc.) in the network.

Cyber-Xray; Powerful dynamic threat database classifies the domains on the Internet according to their “historical and relational data” with artificial intelligence algorithms.

"Firstly Visited" report; detection of domains accessed for the first time in the facility, and alerts SIEM/XDR appliances.

Anomaly report; AI learns the DNS traffic of the network then reports anomalies.

Test your security investment with detailed DNS analysis !
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