This badge was issued to
Rafig Yolchuyev
March 4-5, 2022

Certified DNS Security Professional

Issued by: DNSSense

Skills Gained


DNS Security

DNS Visibility

DNS Security Certification allows you to offer more job opportunities in Cyber Security. DNSSense's strategy and corporate over view increase your knowledge of innovative solutions. Learn about DNSSense's new products and learn the essential skills to help keep your network secure with DNSSense.

Earning Criteria

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DNS Server / Client,  DNSSecurity [PRODUCT], Inbound / Outbound, DNS Layer Analysis,Domain /Domain Classification, DNS Traffic Anomaly Detection / AI, DNSEncryption, Why DNSSense?, DNS Layer Security,  Security GAP, DNS Layer Analysis, SIEM Integration,Roaming Client, DNS Visibility, DNS / Domain Attack Types, DNS Tunneling, DNSHijacking, DNS Flood Attack, Distributed Reflection Denial ofServices (DRDoS), Cache Poisoning, DNS Spoofing, DNS Amplification

The exam resulted in the awarding of this certificate.                                                                                                                       

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